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Vegan? Why Not?

When people first think of vegan food items, especially when it comes to pastries and delicatessens, words that come to mind are “dry” and “flavorless”. But, what people don’t realize is how far the vegan baking has advanced over the years.

What exactly is vegan? Vegans are vegetarians who strive to avoid animal-derived products. In vegan baking, this means no dairy, no butter, no eggs. Well, for most conventional bakers, those three ingredients are key. How could something without those ingredients taste good?! Well, those items are not necessary, and vegan bakers all around have proven that fact.

Kansas City is now home to its first vegan bakery, Mud Pie Bakery and Coffeehouse. Offering a wide selection of vegan baked goods, including cupcakes, I decided to give it a whirl. They had a selection of three cupcakes, so I chose the Chai Latte cupcake.

The cake itself was spongy and sticky. However, it erupted with a wonderful chai flavor. Chai has very distinct flavor characteristics, and not all chai is the same. There are several spices combinations that can be used. I’m not sure what combination they used, but let me tell you… it was fabulous!

The frosting was thick and creamy. The spices sprinkled on top overpowered the frosting. But, if you were clever enough, blending the spices with the frosting allowed the sweetness of the frosting to balance the bitterness of the spices.

There was nothing spectacular about the presentation of this cupcake. Don’t get me wrong, it was a beautiful cupcake, it just had nothing special that really “spoke to me”.

Sweet Endings
All I needed was a straw. This cupcake creation was one of the best Chai Lattes I’ve ever had!

In addition to their cupcakes, they offer a full service coffee bar, with non-dairy choices such as almond, cashew and coconut milk. They bake several other pastries – scones, muffins, peanut butter rice crispy treats (which I highly recommend).

Not only are their treats delicious and their coffee made fresh to order, but their “house” is so inviting. Whether you need a few hours to study or want an alternative date night, Mud Pie offers it all.

If you haven’t tried a vegan treat, give it a chance. With well-made treats from Mud Pie, I guarantee you won’t know the difference! You might even be a new found believer…

Mud Pie Bakery and Coffeehouse
1615 W. 39th St
Kansas City, MO 64111


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