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Satisfying a Craving

It didn’t take long for my sweet tooth to try its first Houston treat! I was pleasantly surprised by a set of Crave Cupcakes brought to me at dinner from my new friend Joe. I did my research before coming and I knew how reputable Crave Cupcakes are in Houston. Needless to say, I jumped with joy! (at least I jumped off the couch and couldn’t wait until AFTER dinner to try)

Doesn't these look beautiful!

The cupcake up to the test was the Italian Cream – a Vanilla butter cake with toasted coconut and walnuts, topped with a sweet mascarpone cream cheese frosting.

Cakes with mixins are always a bit tricky to get right. A baker must be careful to cook the cake without letting the filled pieces dry out the cake, make it too moist, or sink to the bottom. The vanilla butter cake had a richer flavor than typical vanilla cake. I didn’t care for the toasted coconut, however, the walnuts were a nice crunch. But, the cake immediately surrounding the walnut pieces (especially the bigger pieces), was a bit doughy. However, the rest of the cake cooked well.

Wow, what a delicious twist to the cream cheese frosting! The addition of the mascarpone cheese made the frosting creamier than your typical cream cheese. I loved it! I couldn’t have enough of the frosting!

Very simple, modern decorations. Each cupcake had a button with the imprint of a stand-up mixer. Underneath was an accent color button. I enjoyed that the frosting was spread edge-to-edge. It’s very important for every bit of cake to have frosting.

I didn’t like the top-to-bottom cake ratio. The top over-extended from the base of the cake which gave the perception of a bigger cupcake. Also, that shape makes it difficult to grab the cake out of the box.

Sweet Endings
Yum, yum, yum! This was a very tasty cake! I also tried their red velvet and dark chocolate. Both delicious!

I can’t wait to visit a Crave Cupcakes shop. First of all, you can see all the action of the baking and decorating of the cupcakes! Also, they offer “breakfast” cupcakes and their own special blend of coffee. Their menu changes daily, so there’s something new to try each day!

Crave Cupcakes
1151-06 Uptown Park Blvd.
Houston, TX 77056
5600 Kirby Drive
Houston, TX 77005

Ph: 713-62-CRAVE (27283)


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How far close are you? – a question that one of my very dear friends asked on my first night upon moving to Kansas City. Translation – Where are you?

Well, I feel this question is the only one to ask right now. Considering this is my first night in my new city, I needed to let you, my sweet friends and readers, where I am located.

This summer, I decided to pursue my educational goals and accept my admission to the Master of Science in Hospitality Management program at the University of Houston’s Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management.

Sadly, this means I will no longer be around all the great cupcake shops in Kansas City nor discover any more of the city’s sweet secrets. However, as I’ve always stated, I will follow my sweet tooth wherever that may lead. So, for the next two years, I’ll be exploring and tasting all of Houston’s finest and sweetest places. And, I hope more time will be on my hands to get back into the kitchen for more baking attempts.

Thank you to all of my sweet friends and readers. I’ve had so much fun bringing you my finds and opinions in the cupcake world. I hope you continue to follow my journey!

Sweet Toasts and Cheers!

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Bon Voyage Cupcakes

In one of my last weekends in Kansas City, I went over to my friend’s house for a farewell BBQ. Grilling out, drinks, friends and good times… And cupcakes?! As a complete surprise, I was graced with the lovely cupcakes from my friend and fellow cupcake/baking foodie, Kristen.

Banana Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream

When these bad boys were opened, banana flooded the entire room. And it only got better from there….

Wow. Ultra moist, banana infused, and sweet down to the core.

I had one of my “ahhhh” moments with this frosting. I almost fell off the chair…. It was rich, creamy, and it simply tasted fantastic. All the vanilla flavor with a hint of banana.


Nothing fancy with the presentation of the cupcakes. Packed in handy carry-all container and wrapped in a decorated cupcake holder, these cupcakes swirled to the top were ready for the party!

Sweet Endings
With the storage of the cupcakes, the banana flavor seeped up into the vanilla frosting. I’m sure that wasn’t the intention; however it was very welcomed flavor. It enhanced the banana experience to make it a full-blown flavor explosion!

Kristen was so gracious to let me take the remaining cupcakes home. I was ready to lick the frosting off of them all, but I decided to share the lovely cupcakes with my roommates. The best way to show how much they enjoyed them…

One of my roommates, Ashley, asked the other, Katie, if she wanted to split one. Katie agreed. However, after Ashley took her first bite, her eyes said it all. Needless to say, she did not share with Katie and Katie fully enjoyed a whole one to herself!

Thank you Kristen for the cupcakes and thank you Casey for hosting! I’m going to miss you ladies!

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