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Hunting for new cupcake places is always an adventure. I quickly discovered that Houston had cupcake trucks… my favorite kind of cupcake shop! However, trying to track down a truck in a new city (especially when my Garmin is my only lifeline) was a quite the challenge! But, I don’t let much get in my way of a cupcake!

One afternoon, I made my journey to find Cupcake Coach, the first mobile gourmet cupcake vendor. Weaving through crowds of people out on their lunch break, I finally see this…

Giddily, I walk up to the window and order their vanilla cupcake.

Baked to the right consistency, this cake was perfectly crumbly and moist. Also, I tasted a strong vanilla flavor.

This frosting was definitely a buttery vanilla. However, I really had to search for the vanilla flavor. It was much thicker than I care for… it needed some time to reach room temperature before it felt smoother and the flavors really popped.

It had a simple look, pink colored with a few rainbow sprinkles. I was happy to see that it had the right ratio of frosting to cake. Always important!

Sweet Endings
They carried only a select few flavors of cupcakes, and the flavors didn’t wow me. It was a limited menu with simple, popular flavors. I do believe that cupcake was too small for the price. However, they did package it in a nice container that kept it safer while transporting.

It was a very clever of them to have a refrigerator on the truck. There is no way the little cakes could survive Houston heat!

There just wasn’t anything special about the vanilla cake that would cause me to make a special trip to go back. But, if I did come across them, I would be interested in trying some of their other cupcakes.

Cupcake Coach


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