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I’m having a great trip down memory lane thinking about some of the great cupcake places in Kansas City. With so many cupcake places to go in Kansas City, it would be difficult, not to mention a huge sugar overload, to hit them all in one day. To ease the worried mind, I’m putting together fun cupcake itineraries for the adventurous sweet tooth!

Kansas City Originals Itinerary

First Cupcake Bakery in Kansas City

Boasting the name of being Kansas’s City original cupcake bakery, there’s no better place to start your day. Located in the historic River Market, just north of downtown Kansas City, this small boutique offers a wide selection of flavors to satisfy any taste buds. Go for one of the seasonal flavors.

First Mobile Cupcake Bakery
3 Girls Cupcakes

Next, your day will go on a little adventure. Kansas City’s first mobile bakery cruises the streets of Kansas City. Check out their Facebook or Twitter account to get instant updates on where the truck is located. Every week the schedule and special flavors are introduced. If a flavor really catches your eye, be sure to comment on their Facebook profile to hold a cupcake for you!

This next category gets a little tricky. But, to keep you in the center of Kansas City, the next original place is…

First Cupcake Bakery on the Country Club Plaza
Cupcake a la Mode

A boutique-style cupcake place, Cupcake a la Mode fits the bill perfectly for the clientele of Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza. The Plaza (as locals call it) was designed in 1922 as the nation’s first suburban shopping district. Today, it boasts more than 150 shops and restaurants in the 15-block district, claiming as one of the top tourist destinations in the city. Cupcake a la Mode’s cupcakes are always fashionably ready for you for any season!

As you come down your sugar high on your Kansas City Original’s day, burn off some steam by strolling around Brush Creek or snagging some great finds in the Plaza. Then, get a good night’s sleep—tomorrow is another day back on the cupcake trail!


3 Girls Cupcakes

Cupcake a la Mode


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A new trend coming for 2012 is mini desserts. Based on the health and economic trend, smaller desserts are a way for people to enjoy without the expansion of their waistline or the shrinking of their wallet.

Petite Sweets in Houston was smart before their time. This store has all sweet treats you would want, just in petite form!

Walking inside, the store is an array of colors. All of their macaroons are made in every color under the rainbow and in every flavor you could imagine. Although, I wasn’t there to try their macaroons, I was in awe and had to pick up a box for a friend’s birthday.

I was there for the cupcakes! Because they were small in size, I allowed myself to get two – the vanilla-vanilla and the maple jam cupcake.


A great vanilla bean specked cake. I really enjoyed the flavor, but it was a little dry.

A good balance of vanilla flavor added into the buttercream. Melt in your mouth creamy!

I was extremely disappointed with the quality of their presentation. It didn’t appear that they had any sort of quality control for the cupcakes. The edges and tops were uneven and the frosting looked thrown on. Also, it looked like the frosting melted a bit, creating a blob of frosting on top.

Sweet Endings
I enjoy this concept and will frequent them often for their other sweet treats besides cupcakes. They make everything in-house besides the custard and gelato. The macaroons looked to be their specialty too.

If they would just add wifi, I think it would be a great place to grab a cup of coffee and sweet treat and get some studying done!

Maple-Jam Cupcake

Petite Sweets
2700 W. Alabama,
Houston, TX 77098
P: 713-520-7007

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