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“Cupcake cravings are not to be taken lightly”

As I started having a cupcake withdraws, I consulted my “to try” list of Houston area bakeries. Lucky for me, I found a special “treat” up north of Houston. Treat! Cupcakes in Vintage Park was soon to be crossed off my cupcake bucket list.


This cake was a real simple, plain cake. Not too much sweetness to it, but just an understated satisfying flavor.

This frosting was no way near being understated! The frosting was speckled with real vanilla beans, and was rich and smooth. The flavor was balanced well between vanilla and butter.

The cupcake sported a classic look—a giant swirl of frosting, topped with a branded “treat” fondant button.

Sweet Endings
The vanilla cake and frosting complemented each other. The powerful sweetness of the frosting was subdued by the simplicity of the cake. You get what you pay for here! First of all, the cupcake was fantastic! On flavor only, it’s worth it. But, it’s an extra special treat when the cupcake is sized and priced accordingly—a rarity these days. The only disappointing thing is they don’t make many options with the vanilla buttercream. Most of the cakes were made with cream cheese or another flavored frosting.

I would argue that Treat is one of Houston’s best cupcakes. It would be so dangerous if they had a location closer to downtown Houston!

As Treat says, “You should have only the best… We all deserve one!” I couldn’t agree with you anymore!

All of their beautiful selection of treats

Treat! Cupcakes
126 Vintage Park Boulevard
Houston, TX 77070
Ph: 281.251.0016


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