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My summer took a completely different turn than expected. I was supposed to be interning in London for six weeks and a top event venue in Central London. However, a small “technicality” kept me from entering at the border. To make a long story short, I should have had a work visa… no one realized I needed this prior to leaving… therefore, I didn’t have the “proper” documentation and I wasn’t allowed into the UK.

Instead of frolicking across the pond, my dear friend Jillian saved the day by inviting me out to help them at the Reno Rodeo. Coined the “Wildest, Richest Rodeo in the West,” this 10-day event brings in 140,000 fans to enjoy this popular sport of the cowboys (or cowboy wanna-be’s). And with all these people, somebody has to feed and drink them… that’s where my friend’s dad comes in. He is in charge of ALL the food and beverage for the event. So, I packed my boots and headed out to Reno!

Welcome to Reno!

With my true fashion, I looked to see what cupcakes I get to try. But before I get out into the city, I was spoiled by having two desserts by Jillian’s sister, Mallory. To celebrate their dad’s birthday and Father’s Day, Mallory made Peanut Butter Cake and Red Velvet Cupcakes

Peanut Butter Cake
I have no words to express the greatness of this cake! The cake was so moist. The frosting was a peanut butter and honey frosting. I think that says enough! It melted into the cake, making it one happy combination on my taste buds. To top it off, it was sprinkled with chocolate chips. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Peanut Butter Heaven!

Red Velvet Cupcakes
I can’t help but think I had something to do with Mallory making these. I heard she made a pretty mean red velvet and I, of course, wanted to put it up to the taste… and it completely passed! The cake was soft and fluffy. The frosting was slightly different. Instead of being made with all cream cheese, it was a mix of whipped cream and cream cheese. So, for those not-so-lovin’-frosting fans, this is the frosting for you! It was not too sweet and so refreshing!

Pretty Cupcakes!

Both of these desserts were fabulous. If Mallory decided to drop out of school and become a full-time baker, I would be her number one customer.

After both of these treats, I was in a sugar coma! Of course, a sugar high was all I need to gear up for another night at the Rodeo!

If you’re ever in the Reno area, be sure to stop by their restaurant! Sorry to say, you won’t get any of Mallory’s treats, however, their menu is filled with delicious items. I hear their homemade bread pudding is pretty spectacular!

Pinocchio’s Reno
5995 S. Virginia St.
Reno, NV 89510


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Bon Voyage Cupcakes

In one of my last weekends in Kansas City, I went over to my friend’s house for a farewell BBQ. Grilling out, drinks, friends and good times… And cupcakes?! As a complete surprise, I was graced with the lovely cupcakes from my friend and fellow cupcake/baking foodie, Kristen.

Banana Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream

When these bad boys were opened, banana flooded the entire room. And it only got better from there….

Wow. Ultra moist, banana infused, and sweet down to the core.

I had one of my “ahhhh” moments with this frosting. I almost fell off the chair…. It was rich, creamy, and it simply tasted fantastic. All the vanilla flavor with a hint of banana.


Nothing fancy with the presentation of the cupcakes. Packed in handy carry-all container and wrapped in a decorated cupcake holder, these cupcakes swirled to the top were ready for the party!

Sweet Endings
With the storage of the cupcakes, the banana flavor seeped up into the vanilla frosting. I’m sure that wasn’t the intention; however it was very welcomed flavor. It enhanced the banana experience to make it a full-blown flavor explosion!

Kristen was so gracious to let me take the remaining cupcakes home. I was ready to lick the frosting off of them all, but I decided to share the lovely cupcakes with my roommates. The best way to show how much they enjoyed them…

One of my roommates, Ashley, asked the other, Katie, if she wanted to split one. Katie agreed. However, after Ashley took her first bite, her eyes said it all. Needless to say, she did not share with Katie and Katie fully enjoyed a whole one to herself!

Thank you Kristen for the cupcakes and thank you Casey for hosting! I’m going to miss you ladies!

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A Sweet Surprise

After being deathly ill over the weekend (I mean, come on, sick days should always be during the work week, right?), I managed to drag myself back to work. Low on an appetite and all energy, I get a message from my co-worker that she had something for me. Excitedly, I hurried downstairs to see what it was… Our friend, Kristen had brought me some of her homemade, delicious cupcakes!

In honor of March’s great holiday, she made Guinness cupcake with Bailey’s buttercream.

The cake was fluffy and moist in the center, but had an interesting, subdued flavor. The Guinness added bitterness, which was different from most of the super-sweet cakes I’ve eaten.

The frosting was a sweet explosion of Bailey’s! The edges of the frosting were crisp on the tongue, but then melted in your mouth. It was smooth, just like a nice sip of Bailey’s.

This was the most perfect cupcake I have ever seen. The frosting was neatly swirled, covering the entire top of the cake. Then, it was gracefully dusted with chocolate shavings. She even had a cupcake box to store them. They just looked perfect, just absolutely perfect.

Sweet Endings
The bitterness of Guinness cake matched wonderfully with the powerful sweetness of the Bailey’s buttercream. It was as if I was eating a lovely after-dinner drink!

I enjoyed getting the opportunity to sample Kristen’s homemade creation. Not only did I enjoy it, but I felt so privileged that she shared it with me, from one cupcake aficionado to another! I look forward to tasting many more of her creations!

It was one sweet surprise that completely warmed my heart! Thanks Kristen!

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Baking Attempt #4

To jumpstart my New Year’s resolution (which is to eat AND bake more cupcakes), I decided to make NYE cupcakes!

Read all about my baking experience on my Baking page. Just be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom!

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

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Baking Attempt #3

Thanksgiving is here and pumpkin recipes are everywhere! Before we could get to the big meal, breakfast must be served. I found a recipe from Whole Foods for Pumpkin-Gingerbread cupcakes.

Scroll down to the bottom of the “Baking” page to check it out. https://thesweettruths.wordpress.com/baking-2/

Do you have any traditional holiday breakfast items? Share them with me!

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Ghosts, goblins, witches, Lady Gaga—are just a few of the top scary costumes I’ve seen this Halloween. Who would want to be something scary, when you can be something sweet?! Naturally, I chose be the sweetest thing I could imagine, a cupcake!

I searched far and wide to find a place that had this costume in stock. Apparently, this costume was a popular item this Halloween. Lucky for me, I finally found one at Costume Express and lucky for me again, the costume arrived just a few mere days before Halloween!

Well, I couldn’t come dressed up as a cupcake without cupcakes in hand! I decided to try my hand at bakeitinacake’s pumpkin pie cupcakes. Boy, were they a hit! It was my first attempt at baking cupcakes from scratch, so I was a little nervous about the reviews. After I heard great raves one after the other, I could breathe easy. Then, I decided to try the fruits of my labor, and yes folks, they were delicious!

Besides just making cupcakes, I had to schedule a visit from Kansas City’s very own mobile cupcakery! 3GirlsCupcakes made a special stop to check out my “sweet” costume (pun totally intended). I never knew I was going to become a “cup-a-vore” (a cupcake eating a cupcake).

Does anyone have any other great Halloween costumes to share? Tell me about them!

Happy Halloween!

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Made with Love

Early one morning last week, I was excited to see a picture message of a pan full of cupcakes come across my phone.
I know that the sight of cupcakes excites me, but the joy is even greater when others remember my love for them. After receiving the message, I jokingly replied, “Are you bringing those to the office”. To my great surprise, I get a call later in the day, saying that my cupcake is awaiting me! Nothing excites me more than knowing I’m about to have a cupcake!

My friend and co-worker, Casey brings up the Halloween cupcake that she and her two little girls, Taylor (7) and Riley (4) made the night before. Taylor and Riley, my “adopted” nieces specifically picked out one of their homemade, hand-decorated, Halloween cupcakes for me. Just for me!

The cupcake was a delicious vanilla cake with Halloween sprinkles dotted throughout. Orange vanilla frosting topped off the cake, and Halloween ghosts and bats completed the look.

Taylor (top left) and Riley (top right) , proudly displaying their work. Casey (bottom center), their mom, presenting my hand-picked cupcake

There’s no doubt in my mind that this was the best cupcake I have ever tasted! It was made with love. Nothing can ever top that.

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