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Originally started in Kansas City as an event-only cupcake catering company, Cupcake Construction Company expanded their reach and has opened a store in Lawrence, Kan. Located down on Mass Street, the cupcake shop is a “build your own” cupcake. You choose your cake flavor, frosting flavor, and whatever toppings you desire – it’s own Interactive Cupcake Bar.

I created a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream, topped with rainbow sprinkles and Reese’s peanut butter cups.

There wasn’t much uniqueness to the flavor of the cake. It was spongy and sticky. It had a weird consistency – like the consistency found in angel food cake. There wasn’t anything that “wowed” me about their cake.

The frosting texture was decent and acceptable; however, the flavor was not. I tasted a strong butter flavor, however it wasn’t the same as a real butter flavor, but rather artificial butter flavoring. It reminded me of the Wilton butter flavoring you can add to your homemade frosting (which I used for years before I refined my taste buds and discovered the true joy of real butter).

There was nothing spectacular about the final presentation of the cupcake. However, with the nature of the “build your own”, each cupcake will vary greatly in presentation. You don’t get to top the cupcake, so it will all depend on how the staff there decorate it.

Sweet Endings
I love the concept of Cupcake Construction Company. Especially being located in a big college town, it is a great idea for a date night or just two friends looking for something fun to do. It’s such a cute idea to allow customers to construct their own cupcake to fit their own taste buds. And, it’s a great idea for parties or events.

In addition to building your own, they sell a variety of pre-constructed cupcakes, including a flavor of the day. I will say that they all looked delicious and were beautiful little cupcakes, but I didn’t put them to the test. I might have to try them again to see if this experience was an one-time, isolated event.

I suggest you go check them out to experience the art of “building your own cupcake”. I believe it’s a great addition to downtown Lawrence, and I hope they build a fan base and stay open in Lawrence!

Cupcake Construction Company
727 Massachusetts St
Lawrence, KS 66044


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Lawrence, Kan has a special place in my heart. As home to my alma mater, the University of Kansas, I find happiness in returning for a weekend or day trip to relive my college days by hitting up ALL of my favorite places. Many changes and additions have happened over the last few years. Recently, one of my college friends informed me of a new place downtown… a cupcake shop! A cupcake shop in the middle of my favorite city? Um, yes!

The Pink Box Bakeshop is one of the many locally owned shops that line Massachusetts “Mass” Street in downtown Lawrence. Every shop lining the streets of downtown Lawrence has its own character that gives Lawrence that “special touch”.

First walking into the shop, I was in awe by all the beautiful décor and the vintage pink table serving as their counter. Since my visit was late in the day, there were only a few cupcake selections left. Luckily, they had a few pink vanilla cupcakes left in the case. Sticking true to my taste buds, I grabbed one quickly before they were all gone.


This was by far the worst cupcake I have ever tasted. It was dry, stale, and over-baked. It stuck to the cupcake liner and looked yellow. A vanilla cake looking yellow doesn’t really make sense to me.

This was one of the worst frostings I have ever tasted. It was hard and old. I could taste the pink dye and did not taste any vanilla or butter, which I was hoping to find.

I was pleased with the presentation of the cupcake. Sticking to their shop’s “pink” theme, the cupcake was topped with pink frosting and pink sugar circles. Looks were very deceiving though.

Sweet Endings
If I was a baker of the Pink Box Bakeshop, I would have been embarrassed to sell those cupcakes. There’s no way that the cupcake I ate was baked that day… or even the day before. It just tasted so old!

I will give them a few props for the décor of the shop. Black and white checkered tile, vintage table and chairs created a great ambiance. It had “your grandma’s kitchen” feel with a kick of style. However, they still need to do something with the storefront. It looks cheap. (You can’t see it well from my photo, but the “follow me on Facebook and twitter paper sign is up. Not so classy, if you ask me.)

Since being the big Jayhawk fan that I am, I couldn’t resist getting one of the gameday KU cookies. It was just too adorable! Sadly, once again, looks can be deceiving. All I could taste in the frosting was the thick dye used to make such bold colors. At least the sugar cookie didn’t taste a day old!

Overall, I was extremely disappointed in the Pink Box Bakeshop. This shop had so much potential, but is completely missing the mark. Perhaps as the store matures, the bake goods will get better. I can only hope…

If you want to try it on your own…
Pink Box Bakeshop
727 Massachusetts Street
Lawrence, KS 64044

Look at my old college roomies enjoying cupcakes and KU cookies!

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