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Cocoa & Fig

While out and about running errands for my conference in downtown Minneapolis, I hoped that I’d run into a cupcake shop or bakery somewhere in the seven miles of skyway that connects the downtown buildings. As my sweet luck would have it, I walked by Cocoa & Fig.

Look at what I found!

They did not have a solid vanilla option, so I opted for the Twister. A chocolate and vanilla swirl cupcake topped with vanilla & chocolate buttercream.

The chocolate portion of the twister was a rich, dark chocolate and was ultra-moist. It was almost too moist to the point that the cake felt sticky and heavy. Just the top held the most vanilla cake and inside had more chocolate swirl than vanilla. So, I didn’t get a good reading on the vanilla flavor.

Smoother than a baby’s bottom! This buttercream was so silky, so whipped, that I imagined it as air. If you could taste a frosting cloud, I’m positive this is what it would be! I picked the one with the most vanilla swirl. It had a nice vanilla finish that paired well with the intense cocoa flavor of the chocolate buttercream.

Classy and elegant. The swirl was done right and it was simply topped with a waffle cone piece for an added crunch.

Sweet Endings
This little boutique was cute as a button. Every item in the store looked high-end and looked ready to be at a photo shoot!

Everything looked adorable!

There wasn’t many options in their retail store. Also, their prices were a bit high for the size of cupcake I bought.

It was a darling store and their creations were adorable. Overall, it wasn’t my favorite cupcake I’ve tried, but it did curb my sweet tooth for the day!

Cocoa & Fig
Gaviidae Common
Skyway Level, Saks Wing
651 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55402


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