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As many of you may know, National Chocolate Cupcake Day was this past Monday. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how many of the local cupcake places that are closed on Mondays. Yes, I do understand that most shops are open during the weekend, so they need their “day off” too. But, nonetheless, I was disappointed I couldn’t get my fix.

So, instead of celebrating the holiday on the actual day, I decided to pull a non-traditional move and celebrate it a few days late. I mean, not everyone celebrates Christmas on December 25th, so why should this be any different?

Then, my next dilemma was should I order a chocolate cupcake in honor of its holiday? Or, should I stick to my favorite, good ol’ plain vanilla. After much deliberation, I opted for my favorite, a vanilla cupcake. Besides, not everyone eats turkey on Thanksgiving…

To celebrate this holiday, I choose to try Cupcake A La Mode. Well, I guess try isn’t the appropriate word. I have been to Cupcake A La Mode before, however, I have not put their vanilla/vanilla to the test. So, for today’s challenge is the French Vanilla OOH LaLa.

The cake very fluffy at first, but once lingering in the mouth, it formed together as a doughy ball of cake. It started to stick to the roof of my mouth and teeth. Not an enjoyable feeling. I believe the cake was overcooked. I didn’t see too many signs on the cake (no abnormal browning edges, stood tall and firm), but something was just off with the overall texture of the cake.

For starters, there was too much frosting on this cupcake. And, that’s saying a lot coming from me (I’m the biggest fan of frosting out there). The French vanilla flavor was different from what I was expecting. Most of the vanilla frostings I have tasted have been pure vanilla. I’m not completely sure what makes vanilla “French”, but it was different to say the least. I tasted no butter in their buttercream, only sugar. I could have easily mistaken this frosting for a cream cheese frosting rather than buttercream. The frosting was waaayy to sweet. (again, that’s saying a lot coming from me)

I adored how they decorated each cupcake. However, I do not like the idea of sugar sprinkles. I believe there are more clever ways to decorate, and I personally don’t like the crunchiness in my frosting. Nonetheless, the cupcake was adorable and definitely looked the part.

Sweet Endings
The combination of the cake and frosting doesn’t shy too far away from what I could do with a boxed cake mix and tub of pre-made frosting. I was really disappointed. After reading many other reviews, and having a cake from them previously, I expected more from the vanilla. The last cupcake I tried was the Bella Nutella. Anything with Nutella on it is going to taste delicious, and indeed it did. But, I cannot say the same about the French Vanilla OOH LaLa. Not sure what it was, but I don’t agree with all the rave reviews saying “it’s the best cupcake in Kansas City”.

I will agree that the shop itself was one of the most adorable shops in Kansas City. If you are looking for a fun place for a birthday party, the West Plaza location is closed on Sundays just for reserved birthday parties. Little young girls would eat it up! (I know, cheesy pun)

The staff there was so nice and considerate to sit and answer many of my burning questions. She explained to me the small shelf of retail items they sell all from local artists. The owner has passion for supporting the local community, which is something both her and I share. One of my favorite things available was these adorable cupcake frames from FreshBatch.

For Cupcake A La Mode, I suggest you be the judge. Accordingly to several of the review sites, it’s a favorite among Kansas Citians. However, if you want my expertise, go somewhere else.

Cupcake A La Mode
West Plaza
1209 West 47th Street
Kansas City, MO 64112

Park Place
11529 Ash Street
Leawood, KS 66211


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