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My French Adventure

It’s been a few months, but my memory of my trip to the south of France is still vivid! I really do search far and wide to satisfy my sweet tooth. Although the French bakeries were not bursting with cupcakes, they had several delicious sweet treats!

It would be a sin to visit France and not taste this French confection. Our hotel had a plate of macarons waiting for our arrival at Hotel Renoir!

Everywhere I went, there was chocolate! Big, small, round, square – you name it! Although I did not find your traditional cupcake, I found a solid chocolate cupcake!

Crystallized Flowers
One of the most interesting things I saw and tasted was crystallized flowers. They crystallized rose, violet (the new flavor and scent of the season), and jasmin. It was such a delicacy! Besides just getting to try them, we got to tour the famous Florian Confectionery factory! http://www.confiserieflorian.co.uk/

This trip definitely went down in my history book as one of my favorite vacations. With our home base of Cannes, we toured the Île Saint Honorat, Gourdon, Saint-Paul-de-Vence, Èze. Antibes, Nice, Monaco, and Monte Carlo. The views, the food, the fashion, the luxury – I completely understand why this region is a hot spot for all worldly people!

I wish I could post ALL the photos from my fabulous trip, but that would make for a really long post. Here’s a beautiful collage that captures the highlights of my trip!!

Au revoir!!


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