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My 2011 In Review!!

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,500 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 42 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish all of my fellow sweet friends a very merry Christmas!

I stole this from my former teacher, but I feel that it says all my hopes and wishes…

“For the holidays, I wish us all the ability to be kind and to accept kindness, the strength to stay hopeful in all that we do, the deep love of life that forces us to laugh and love and celebrate, and the chance to take a deep breath when we need to, without apology or guilt. Joyous Holidays!”

I look forward to sharing another wonderful year, filled with love, smiles, and (of course) cupcakes!

Cheers to sweetness!

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I know that I’m not the only sugar aficionado out there and every taste bud is different. For that reason, I love all of the other reviews and opinions I receive on my posts! The recent comment on my review from Cupcake a la Mode was great! (Haven’t read the thread yet? Read it here) This post inspired me to create a page just for your reviews! I’ll be posting other reviews of the places I’ve been to, want to try, or just good reviews.

Also, I want to hear from you! It can be from places that I have reviewed, places that I should review, or even just your favorites in Kansas City or around the world. (who’s knows – I’m such a traveler that I might just stumbled upon your place!) Just comment on the page and leave your thoughts, opinions, links, etc!

Together, we can find the best places and things to satisfy our sweet tooths!


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I don’t think I could have walked another mile in search of a cupcake. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to… the cupcake was coming me! Retro Bakery was my third and final stop on my adventure to satisfy my sweet tooth in Vegas. Retro Bakery is located about 25 miles north of the strip, so I was disappointed when I first discovered their location. But when found that they will deliver anywhere in Vegas for a flat $20 fee, I was ecstatic! And, since I was having them come ALL the way to me, I couldn’t just order one!

This time, I put two cupcakes to the test! Vanilla loves Vanilla and Maple Bacon. Ever since I’ve heard about a cupcake with bacon, I immediately became intrigued. How could a meat taste good in a cupcake? Logic doesn’t seem to make that one work, so I knew I had to try it myself.

Maple Bacon—the inside tasted like a coffee cake. The maple syrup sweetened the vanilla cake without making it too sweet or soggy. Very much like a brown sugar/butter drizzle. Yum!

Vanilla—I’ll be honest, I only had one bite of the vanilla, but I was immediately met with soft, fluffy goodness. The cake had a perfect balance of vanilla flavor and instantly tickled my taste buds.

“It’s all about the buttercream”—This is Retro Bakery’s motto. They use only the best butter when it comes to their buttercream… and boy does it show!

Maple Bacon—The maple buttercream wasn’t overly sweet and made a great complement to the maple syrup infused vanilla cake.

Vanilla—The vanilla buttercream was thick, but not too thick. Creamy, but not too creamy. Vanilla-y, but not too vanilla-y. Basically, it was the epiphany of the ideal buttercream.

My entire box of cupcakes looked adorable! However, I was disappointed by two things. First, the size. These were smaller cupcakes than I had anticipated. Paying $2.65 per cupcake, I would have thought they would be slightly bigger. Secondly, the frosting was oddly swirled on top. I don’t like when the frosting doesn’t cover the entire top of the cake. Personally, I think it doesn’t look “complete” and some of the cake is getting robbed. But, I will say as a whole, the presentation of the box was great!

Sweet Endings
When they say “It’s all about the buttercream”, they really mean it. Their buttercream was like none I’ve tasted. It wasn’t extremely thick or sweet. As a person who doesn’t typically enjoy thick frosting, I was pleasantly satisfied with its texture.

I was most excited to finally try a bacon flavored cupcake. It was very weird to pull off a few bacon pieces off on top. But, you know what? The flavor combination was seamless! If I had to choose an ideal cupcake for breakfast (or “breakfast for dinner” cupcake), I would pick this one… hands down!

Out of all the places I tried, Retro Bakery was by far my favorite. Everything about them was great. Next time I’m in Vegas and need a cupcake to brighten my day, I think I know who I’ll be calling!

Retro Bakery
7785 N. Durango Dr. #130
Las Vegas, NV 89131
95 N Freeway/Durango Dr.
Ph: 702-586-3740

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I’m Baking Too

In addition to my reviews, I’m going to take a “stab” at baking! See all my baking attempts on my new page!



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My Backstory

Sugar is addicting.  Just like any other drug out there on the market, sugar is a drug.  Have you ever gone through sugar withdrawals?  Headaches, dizziness, and visions of chocolate, cookies and candy dance in your dreams, an uncontrollable desire to devour some sweet, anything sweet (even something as sweet looking as a little baby)?  Well folks, it’s true.  I’ve gone through the pain and torture of giving up sweets.  This spring, I realized that I should take my health and nutrition into my own hands.  So, I started seeing a holistic nutritionist, who was going to help me develop a personalized nutrition plan.  How cool is that?!  As the day approached for our first meeting, I started getting really pumped.  I had daydreamed about all the amazing things she was going to tell me, show me, and teach me to revamp my eating habits.  It was going to be a perfect symbolic relationship.  

Our first meeting—after extensively going through my current eating habits, eating habits as a child, family history, personal life, external life… you name it; she assigned the task of keeping a food journal for two weeks.  Piece of cake.  Done and done.  

Our second meeting—“Emily, I need you to complete a natural three week cleanse.  First week, eat just fruits and vegetables.  Second week, go ahead and add in some good ole whole grains.  Third week, let’s move you up to the proteins.”  

I’m sitting there, a little bit uneasy, but hey—this is only for three weeks; it can’t be that bad, right?!  

“Oh, and by the way, you must avoid at all costs sugar, alcohol, coffee, and anything processed.”  

WHAT? Hold the phone.  You’re telling me to do what now?!  Processed food? Fine, I can remove that.  Alcohol?  Well that will make for a mellow weekend, so okay.  Coffee? You must be completely out of your mind?  I’ve been drinking a half pot of coffee daily for the last “who knows how long” and now you’re telling me to go cold turkey?  Sugar?  You mean everything sweet and delicious that is sitting right next to the vegetables in the pecking order of my food chain?  You must be crazy… absolutely crazy.  

Thinking back, I don’t know who was most crazy… her, for assigning the plan or me, for agreeing to it.

So, for all you out there that don’t believe me when I say “sugar is addicting,” you haven’t try to give it up for three weeks straight.  No baby steps, no three week step program, no sugar patch (side note, that could be a good idea.  If you run with it, I’ll give it a try), nothing… zero… zilch.  Only then will you understand.

So, where does that leave me now?  I’m off to find the best, the worst, and everything in between, sugar sensations to satisfy my sweet tooth.  I’ll be sampling the finest sweet creations and giving you a full report of my sweet findings.  I know it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!

Sit back, relax, and come back to see what “truths” I’ve discovered in the world of “sweet”.

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